Review: Risen 3 – Enhanced Edition

August 25th, 2015    

Risen 3 is a massive game. It's a remaster, an enhanced edition of a last gen title - should it have been remastered though? Risen 3 comes along at a nice time....


See the Mad Max TV Ad Right Here…

August 24th, 2015    

Mad Max is released next week, and Warner Brothers have released the TV advert which you'll be seeing on your screens very soon. I'm really intrigued by this one, so keep your...


Review: Never Alone Arctic Collection

August 24th, 2015    

Some time ago Never Alone was released onto consoles, and received a mixed response from critics. It's easy to see why; while it's a fantastically told story and a thoroughly charming platformer...


The News Review: Edition 48

August 21st, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can be too busy to search through the myriad of articles to find the latest in gaming news, so we've done...


Review: F1 2015

August 20th, 2015    

I think it's fair to say that F1 as a sport has had its ups and downs. While some bemoan the current format with its reliance on technology and gadgets, others point to...

Pure Holdem

Pure Hold ‘Em Gets a Launch Trailer

August 18th, 2015    

Since the PS4 launched we've covered reviews for Pure Chess and Pure Pool, but incredibly relaxing and immersive games from the talented folk at Ripstone. Pure Hold’em is the third game in the...


Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 – Escape Plan Bravo Trailer

August 17th, 2015    

If you haven't tried Tales from the Borderlands yet, start thinking about it. We're still working on our review, and it's we'll fill you in on the whole series once it's all...


Dishonored 2 – Who Is Emily Kaldwin?


We loved Dishonored when we reviewed it a little while back, so the promise of Dishonored 2 has left us very keen...

Fallout Shelter Now Available on Android


Your last chance to actually get stuff done at work has just disappeared. Today's launch includes all-new game updates, including the introduction of...

Review: Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge

Back in my days of being a young sproglet in school, I fondly remember a simplistic game called Coconut Run. It was...

Review: The Swindle


I've died so many times. I've fallen off a roof, blown myself up with a badly placed bomb, been shot by a...

Strategy Guide Review: Arkham Knight


I'm often surprised at the number of guidebooks that still sit proudly by the tills at my friendly neighbourhood game shop. Yes,...

Review: N++


I have been playing a LOT of N++. To the point that my hands, wrists and even arms start to hurt, yet...

The News Review: Edition 47


Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can be far too busy to search for all the latest...

Zen Pinball Review Roundup: Star Wars, Portal & Ant-Man


With even more pinball tables being released by Zen recently, it's time for another roundup of what's been going on recently and...

Destiny: The Taken King Gets a New Trailer


Destiny players have been crying out for something new to aim at, and The Taken King isn't far away. It's released next...

Divinity: Original Sin Bringing Split-Screen RPG Action to Consoles


That's right, split-screen! It's like 2003 all over again, when you could actually play a game with someone on the same sofa....

The Crew Wild Run: Secrets of a Wild Journey


If you followed our recommendation and picked up The Crew a few months back, chances are you're yearning for something new, something...

Mafia III Reveal Trailer


Good news for fans of the Mafia series - 2K have announced, and dropped a trailer for the new Mafia game which...