The Crew Shows How Multiplayer Racing Should Be Done

September 18th, 2014    

As the release of The Crew gets ever closer, Ubisoft have released a new trailer showing how the social aspects of the game are taking shape. There's some great ideas here, so...


GRID Autosport Gets a Hefty Extra Dose of Touring Cars

September 16th, 2014    

Enjoying the Touring Car discipline in GRID Autosport? So are we, so much so that today's news got us really quite excited. Codemasters have released the Touring Car Legends expansion pack for GRID Autosport, available in...

Last of Us Remastered

Why You Should Be Playing The Last of Us: Remastered’s Multiplayer

September 15th, 2014    

The Last of Us and the remastered PS4 versions are almost universally regarded as excellent. Technically brilliant, engaging story, brutal but smooth gameplay and a fantastic musical score. But within this package...


GTA V Gets a Next Gen Release Date & Trailer

September 12th, 2014    

Excited by the incredible looking visuals that Rockstar have already shown off for their souped up next gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5? Well we now know when we'll see the...


Shadow Warrior’s Reboot Arrives Next Month

September 11th, 2014    

Want to mix up some head-removing sword play with some classic FPS shooting action? Well of course, why wouldn't you? Luckily for you Shadow Warrior is out in a few weeks. You...


Dyling Light’s Light Is Dying Sooner Than Expected

September 11th, 2014    

Those of who you keep half an eye on TGR will know we're quite keen on how Dying Light is shaping up, and we've had some good news in the form of...

Assassins Creed Unity

Sneaky New Footage of an Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-op Heist Mission

September 10th, 2014    

Assassin's Creed Unity will be introducing Heists to the series, offering randomly generated stealth missions for you and your co-assassins to complete. This demo introduces a Heist Mission in the underground passages of...


Review: Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition

Surgery Sim

Is adding some amusement into a game enough to make you forget the fact that you spend most of the time getting...

Project CARS Using Brands Hatch to Full Effect


Project CARS is looking incredible, and it's no secret just how much we're looking forward to getting our hands on it. A...

Review: Road Not Taken


"Every year we lose a few."  The tone of Road Not Taken is an odd one. Cartoony, beautifully hand drawn visuals with...

Review: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


Taking a mobile game and turning it into a full-scale (and full price) console title is quite a big undertaking, so the...

Destiny has the PS4/Vita Remote Play Controls Sorted


We love the Vita's remote play functionality with the PS4, letting you play any of your PS4 games while you're elsewhere. But...

Preview: Interstellar Marines


It is quite easy to forget that Interstellar Marines is an indie title. When most people think of indie they think...

F1 2014: Sochi Autodrom Hot Lap Video

F1 2014

Codemasters have released a new hot lap video for F1 2014 showing one of the new circuits for this year’s game. The hot...

Get Ready to Flock…


Team17 have announced that its brand new game Flockers will be making its debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this month....

Preview: WWE 2K15

WWE 2k15

March 24, 1991. Los Angeles, California. WrestleMania VII. "No word as of yet as to any permanent scarring or disfigurement." This was...

Review: Metro Redux

Metro Redux

Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro Last Light, both provided some memorable games experience on the previous generation of gaming machines. Giving...

Review: Pure Pool


There's always been something enjoyable about pool and snooker games. Going way back to Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker in the early 90s...

The Evil Within Voice Actors Outlined


When playing through The Evil Within's campaign - especially if you're playing by yourself - every now and then it will be...